Has the V2 Short Farming even made a dent in the premium issue?

While i have not been keeping day to day statistics it seems to me that the introduction of the V2 short farm mechanism has not even made somewhat of a dent in the premium issue ranging from 1-2% (once again this is coming from an ignorant fool with no data to back it up, and i do see where this can come in handy with new issues always rising +15% the first weekend but then again you wouldnt be able to fix that until monday which happens anayway) but it seems like all it did was suck rewards from the long LP’s? Anyone have statistics to educate me? This is in no way an attack on the system but if the premiums persist i would much personally rather have it the way it was. I know mirror was never meant to be a yield farm but after adding in all these new and upcoming assets and yields going to be drained further is there any concern about flight form mir. I will definitely be considering switching to straight stock portfolio vs LP. I also have to calcualte at what point does it become more profitable to load it all into anchor get 20% and use aUST to then use MIR. Any thoughts? Am i being a total idiot? Syphoning rewards from the ETH chain I would greatly support.

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