Have I lost my MIR? Failed transfer

Hi folks,

Reaching out for assistance please in an area i’m unfamilar

I wanted to buy EIFY coins from Etherconnect using my MIR on Metamask

Etherconnect allows the ability to buy EIFY coins using various currencies including MIR

I sent the MIR to the Etherconnect address but it didn’t go through

The MIR transfered from Metamask but didn’t show up in Etherconnect

Metamask support have said the funds have transfered okay from their platform so there’s nothing much else they can do.

Etherconnect don’t have a support department to contact

Does anyone know how I could possibly retrieve these MIR ???

Thank you

Most likely.Etherconnect is the rebrand of BitConnect. Do a simple google search and you will see why this is a bad thing. You’ll see words like fraud and ponzi scheme.