[Help needed] Cannot close short position

Hi, I have a short position on mETH that I cannot close despite having enough mETH. I keep getting this error:

Any idea on what’s going on?

I just opened and closed a very small mETH short and I had no issues.

Good to know. I just retried and still no luck altough I was able to close other short positions.
I wonder if the protocol does not prevent from closing a short position before the 2 weeks period has passed. However, your little experiment seems to contradict that and even the docs imply that you can close a short position whenever you want.
Or maybe it’s because I have just enough mETH to repay what I borrowed and somehow, I would need to have a little more in my wallet to cover some kind of fee?

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You keep posting this, but no explanation. There is enough uncertainty right now, no need to FUD without data.

yeah maybe try having just a little extra

Yes, that was it.You actually need to have more in your wallet than what you borrowed… Weird but true.
Thank you all for your answers.

The no explanation is right. No explanation why that contract was empty. No explanation why there was multiple contacts migrated when only one was necessary. I posted data with every post and got no explanation. I am the only one that explained correctly why the user had that error. I would like explanations, but I am good now. I’ll just sit on the side lines.

I just checked back in to see what the status of this is and I see the contract is now back down to only $5k. I as discussed previous I can’t explain why there is not enough in there. I hope somebody else can.

If you are looking to close your short position and you have locked funds. Or, if you are trying to retrieve your unlocked funds, you are going to have to check this contract. If there is more than the amount you are trying to close you will be able to. If there is not you will not and get the error referenced. I spent 24 hours doing this with no sleep and was able to get my $270k

Same issue here. The executed poll was a hack. WTF!

Hi Shylock,
Did you use borrow (mint) or short farm?
I have the same error message with short farm that i opened < 14 days. I also wonder if it is because of short farm being less than 14 days.


See the comments from “Mirroruser”, the recently executed poll seems to have malicious code, there is no fund available for withdrawl.

ah thanks.
Do you know how I can find the contract i should look at? i assume my short position should have different contract number than his? Or does every short position have same contract number?

Maybe some one from the MSC could come out to help and find the developer who made the contract migration with poll ID 273???

Hi, unfortunately I have the same issue, I tried to buy something more as illustrated in the solution but still can’t close my position.
How much more of the asset you had when you achieved to close your position?

Supposedly, you should be able to close position any time after you open it, you don’t need to wait for 14 days.

Maybe Mirror has been hijacked by the bad actors now.

I used short farm. I was finally able to close it by having a little bit more of the borrowed amount (less than 1%).
I also had borrowed some mAssets directly and was able to close those positions as well.
However, there is a still another short position that I haven’t been able to close. Even though I have more of the mAssets that were borrowed.

Thanks for the explanation.
Where can I check the contract for closing a mAAPL short position? Is there a list of the addresses of the smart contracts somewhere?

I have totaly the same. Anyone can help?