Holding keys on Trezor

Currently my MIR are on Metamask (bought from uniswap). I am new in crypto and woukd like to secure them fully. I have a Trezor, could I transfer them to this via my Metamask? I noticed people speaking about using Ledger. Do I need a Ledger for cold storage?

Any help appreciated.

Both Trezor and Ledger works. You should do some basic reading before asking, honestly. Good luck!

So your MIR is on Ethereum chain, Is your Metamask connected to Trezor?

TERRA chain need Terra Station, similar to Metamask but only support Ledger.

If you already have Terra Station, use below link to transfer MIR from Metamask(ETH/BSC) to TERRA chain.

Ethereum chain : https://eth.mirror.finance
Binance Smart Chain : https://bsc.mirror.finance

switch to terra chain friend, you will save tons of money on fees. station.terra.money you can download web app to manage without ledger, also mobile version in app stores available.

Thanks Satit. Appreciate the help.

Thanks Samlam, much appreciated.

dont mean to reopen this thread with a newb question, but how would you transfer MIR protocol coins from coinbase to trezor?

You will need to:
Setup ETH walltet in Trezor
Transfer MIR from Coinbase to Trezor generated wallet

What you really want to do is get your MIR on Terra so you can stake and vote in governance.