How much is the voting reward

I voted on some polls and find the rewards are quite different, just curious how the reward is calculated?


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It’s explained in the docs.

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this reward is to diffcult to see.

That explanation isn’t exactly clear. None of the sentences used make sense. Some aren’t even legitimate sentences.

eg, it mentions voter_weight and gives its mathematical representation in some formula, but it doesn’t explain how its value is derived. Without knowing how to compute voter_weight, any explanation or formula that uses it isn’t helpful.

So the question remains: how is the voting reward calculated?

Exactly man!!
the formula they use isn’t too complicated, it’s just
they didn’t explain the parameters…

I covered this in detail in my newsletter a few weeks ago. Just scroll down to Governance Strategies if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

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All right, all right, all right. I dig it.

How did you come to this understanding? Because it sure wasn’t from the docs.

From the docs… :wink:
And from active participation in the discord and taking note of the the occasional clarifications offered by Mirror team members.

wow you’re the best! what an active member, the team should include your article in the docs!!
so the only factors are: mint closing fees, and how many MIR you voted right?
is it has anything to do with like: what answer you voted (like abstain will get lesser)?
or the date you vote (e.g., voted one minute before the poll closed will receive minimum reward)?

Just want to make sure everything.

neither of these have any impact on your voting rewards.