How to transfer mirror tokens form Coinbase to Terra station

Hello, I bought some Mirror tokens on Coinbase and I was not able to transfer them to Terra station wallet in order to stake the MIR. When I put the Terra1…address t the “send address” at Coinbase, It says that the address is invalid. Please help! Thank you so much!

Yes, coinbase doesn’t support transfer to others to, such as a BAND address, so don’t buy band protocol on there. Tip of the day is to buy USDC on coinbase, which will cost you zero dollars. If you set up a coinbase pro account ( - this literally takes a few minutes), you can transfer your USDC to coinbase pro for free and then transfer to KuCoin,, or another platform that is more friendly and charges a tiny fraction of the fees for buying UST. You can transfer USDC directly from coinbase instead of pro, but the fee is higher. Once you have a pro account, click on deposit, then select conbase as the method of payment and the coins will transfer instantly as long as your funds are not still on hold. You can transfer huge sums for only a few dollars on pro. Kucoin is relatively easy to set up. Once you have a KuCoin account, deposit USDC to kucoin. Transfer USDC from your main account into your trade account and go to the trade tab, spot trade. At the top of the chart, you will likely see BTC-USDT. If you click on that you can change to whatever you want to add. Type USDC and then select USDC-UST. On the right you will now have the option of buying or selling USDC. Set your limit order to the current price, click 100% of your USDC or whatever amount you wish to convert and click sell. You will then have that amount of UST in your trade account. On the main page, click transfer, and select main account. Once it is in the main account again, you can click withdrawal. Copy your terra address and add it to your withdrawal request. Once you submit, your UST will be in your terra account. Hope that helps.


Thank you very much, Defiredoc, for the detailed explanation, but how can I transfer those MIR which I already bought on Coinbase? I want to stake those MIR for rewards. Is there way to transfer them to Terra wallet? Please help! Thanks so much!


Hello, if I create a Kucoin account, then transfer my mir from Coinbase to Kucoin account, then transfer those MIR to Terra station wallet. Does this work? Anyone knows?

Thanks so much in advance!


The current problem is that MIR on Coinbase are transferred using the Ethereum network, which means that there are high fees. Until there is a better solution for this, one of the things you could do is sell back the MIR on coinbase and follow @Defiredoc’s suggestion.

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Thank you very much, Arepas.

does anyone know why I cannot access terra on mirror page to stake my MIR? I see only a black web page when accessing via the drop down menu in mirror site. Help!?

nm Found my issue in extensions permissions

Hi there. I’m also having the same issue. I have MIR tokens on the platform and would like to stake them on the Mirror protocol. I have also gone through the process of setting up a Terra Station wallet. Can someone give me the concise step-by-step method of transferring MIR from to my Terra Station wallet? Obviously, the only gives you the option to withdraw the MIR using the ETH/ERC-20 method.

You can use this bridge - there you can connect to a Wallet in the Ethereum network such as metamask.

You will need some UST for fees.

Thanks, this is helpful, but I’m still confused. I assume that I must transfer UST from to my Metamask wallet. Once this is done, I can use the Terra Bridge to send the UST from Ethereum to Terra. If yes, then do I use my Terra Station wallet address as the destination address?

Please confirm the various steps.

Well yes it would be like this - you send it to your metamask wallet and then via the bridge to your Terra Station wallet. Actually since the transfer fee of Ethereum is so high, if you send me your terra station wallet address (via PM), I would give you 0,10 UST for free. So you can sell MIR to get more UST here. Or if you are just sending UST instead of MIR, then it doesn’t matter. With the UST you can buy your MIR here, so you wouldn’t have to send MIR from