I lose money every time I do something

I’m trying to understand if the balance showed in “my page” is somehow wrong
or if there are hidden fees cause every time i buy something i immediately lose money.
also my total value showed in Mirror is pretty different from the one in Apeboard.

I’ve notice this behavior several times before but this is the first time i’ve taken notes.

today I’ve bought and put into short farm 3 assets, after every buy “my total value” in my page dropped.

My page balance before any trade: 2,724.3
trade 1: 426 ust in mQQQ - my page total value: 2714 -2.34% on the trade
trade 2: 230 ust in mPYPL - my page total value: 2,702 -5.21% on the trade
trade 3: 295 ust in mDIS - my page total value: 2,694 -2.71% on the trade

can someone explain what’s going on here?
Thank you

If you shorted and price of those assets went up, your debt increased so you need to repay more debt.

it’s not that, i get the loss just after the trade and it makes no difference if i do it on mirror or on terraswap. terraswap was saying 0.3 slippage and my total valued dropped >2%
also i’m shorting using the same asset as collateral so i should lose money if price drops since i own more collateral than short positions.

there is 1% fee on closing a loan, but from the info you have me I can’t tell you, DM me your address or put it here so we can see transactions and what happened

ok, so from what I can see you have shorted mMSFT, mQQQ, mPYPL, and mDIS, but you shorted them with those assets, so from what I know you are doing some weird delta neutral strategy, so my understanding is that those losses are from trading fees, I can’t really tell you more, I will try to find out more tomorrow

yes it seems trading fees.
my guessing was: “i’m buying with the premium price and mirror is calculating my total value with the oracle price”
but premiums were definitely higher than my “loss” so it keeps making no sense

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interesting. I hope somebody has an answer for you.

we need a better dex

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