Improve Governance Speed

Is there a way to improve the speed at which new assets are whitelisted and their parameters are introduced? It seems like there are all these assets that are whitelisted but whose parameters have not been listed, and there are many more assets that should be whitelisted. For Mirror to be competitive with Robinhood for instance, there need to be many more types assets available.

Maybe there could exist some incentive mechanism that rewards users who suggest governance proposals that pass.

Hypothetically, you could argue that the fact that assets have not been suggested implies that there does not exist much interest in them. But I don’t think that’s true. I think people would mint/buy/trade assets that they might not take the time and energy to create themselves without an external incentive mechanism, if that makes sense.

The main bottleneck is getting the oracles for the mAssets. Recently, someone from Band joined the discord and there is some action being taken towards speeding that up.

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