Increasing MIR Token Utility

At present, the only utility associated with holding MIR token is to be able to vote in governance. In order to increase demand for MIR token, the token should have more use cases where holders may benefit.

Some ideas for increasing demand:

  • Ability to pay tx fees in MIR token and offering a discount using MIR vs UST, particularly for closing shorts
  • Pay smaller premiums to trade based on MIR holdings
  • Increased farm rewards based on MIR holdings

These were a few I could think of off the top of my head. If anyone can think of other ideas, please share.


I agree. Now there’s little incentive to accumulate MIR other than voting. The token needs more utility to be more attractive.

Dear @BoxedIn @yd19 and dev , mir holders,
create Stability Pool backed all massets + mir + all partners listed token in astroport , all interest bearing version of luna

and give liquidation rewards and Total Protocol Revenue to mir holders

leaving you the details on what is possible or not
seem to be the most obvious choice

Without too much details ,
the general idea to engage more and growth and value for boomer commodity market , bond market for back forth move of central bank plays and next generation pre ipo like bytedance for tik toker , edge computing and so on , emerging marking, forex market

Dear mir holders , i think this gone be the most exciting time ever for next decade
The next generation defi is consolidating , devs are more and more mastering rust.

Will the servers and band oracle handle the flow and vix moves ? i dont know

But one thing before another and let call it a day,
Step by step. We are growing lunatic mir holders.

The mir tweeter account is active

A good solution maybe would be create a warchest with the profits from the protocol. Investing and pay dividends from the profits to mirror govern stakers…