Initiate Professional Marketing Campaign


What do you think about this new proposal: Initiate Professional Marketing Campaign.

Sounds good to me, but i’ve just wondered how everybody ponders upon it.

Regards kindly.

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We definitely need some marketing campaign to drive future growth. But we do need more information about this proposal. Like how would they use 100K MIR? whats the expected results? What kind of campaign are they planing to do?

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Hi Wuyin,

I have the same questions actually:

Who exactly is the owner of this proposal and how will 100K MIR be used?
What are the expected results and what is the timeframe, strategy?

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Yes, if Coinbound is the initiator, I hope they can provide a precise marketing proposal in detail.

Before I expect a long discussion in forum then a governance proposal.
At the moment I vote agaist it: this is not the way to proceed.
Mirror has not to be used as a personal money pocket. I want to see a discussion before investing a single penny. Otherwise everybody will start to invent proposal to get MIR from the community pool.
BTW; I believe mirror is one of the most solid project. Just watch how MIR didnt crash in the current correction and how can be used to hedge BTC and ETH positions if oyu are expecting another correction.
The last thing mirror needs are influencers and marketing: let they play with nft and pump and dump shit tokens. MIR will sell by itself when and if tefi will catch up.
First: highest cap single ‘farming’ token. Can have a big word in astroport as we all have a common interest there. lp will be key toi farm astro.
second: collateral in mars
third: natural hedging platform.

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No explanation? Just give us 100k Mir and then what? This has the look of a straight cash grab.

This is a strong No vote from me.


I am always amused by the responses here. People should come talk on these (dead) forums first?

These forums are dead. How often do you even see TFL devs posting in here? Its laughable if it was not so depressing. I would not expect anyone to come here and waste their time to get what 5 responses at best from a bunch of people who probably have a few thousand MIR at most?

People want all this say in proposals and are not even holding a significant stake to make a difference. We are a decentralized protocol. How in the world would we come to a consensus on what the funds should be used for? Is a consensus to you an agreement of the few people who post in these dead forums? I rather let a licensed company who is doing the marketing make that decision. Mirror has a market cap of 1 Billion USD (diluted). Companies of comparable sizes have multi million USD marketing departments. This proposal appears to be pennies compared to what it should be. If you think that is much you do not know much about marketing costs. I am no expert but I sure know marketing is very costly but brings in great results.

I know how I will vote. It is a licensed company operating under a legal framework. I rather not be in the crowd that sits on their hands all day rather then contribute to progress. It is undeniable that Mirror is on a downtrend and that is an understatement.

We face a massive reward distribution reduction next month. I rather support progress now then wait for the mass exodus of our total value locked because the APR’s will drop like a rock soon.

The MIR token is plummeting and we are in here debating if someone progress minded should have slowed to come talk on dead forums and get a consensus from a handful of people who carry almost no weight when it comes to holding the mirror token.

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so, you joined 13 days ago and the initiator of the forum post 1 hour before posting…

Any governance poll to receive a payout from the community fund absolutely needs a proposal to go along with it. For all you know this “progress-minded” person is an intern for that company with absolutely no sway at all what projects they take on. Maybe they thought they could advertise their website to thousands of people for just the cost of 100 MIR. Even if they didn’t post it to the forums, they should at least post something to somewhere. We have no idea if they will do anything, what they would actually do, if the proposer is actually from that company, or any details whatsoever. There are bigger issues with Mirror Protocol than Marketing. Voting for some supposed marketing company to do some unknown thing is still “sitting on your hands.”


Maybe we should post profiles from freelancer websites, some people in different countries do good social media marketing work for $3/hr or less,

Maybe we can create a proposal that way, and people can donate a few $ and if the worker(s) keep delivering, we keep paying them based on deliverables or something.

Like a community ran effort, very low amounts of money, good ROI if it helps MIR.

Bonus if we find affordable workers who accept crypto

What progress? A real company would actually give a proposal like many have done in the past. This proposal says send us 100k mirror, we are a marketing company that does twitter?

Who are they working with? Who do they report to? Who’s twitter are they setting up? Who/How/Where do we track/see results?

$1B USD (diluted) companies don’t just give out marketing contracts to any company that shows up and says we are a twitter marketing company, give us $250-300k. We are good for it.

They are supposed to be good at marketing, right? This is what they do? Let TY Smith come on here and sell us. Influence us. He’s top notch in the crypto field. Send us to his twitter and let us be converted.

Guess we should have all of our “serious” crypto discussions on twitter. Oh yeah, the Do Kwon called this proposal a scam on twitter. Who to believe, you or Do Kwon?

Weird how the big decision makers (in addition to us poor idiots on the dead forum) also voted it down. Almost like providing 0 marketing for your proposal is highly suggestive that you’ll provide 0 marketing for Mirror

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