Introduce a tax on mir ust trade

I have noticed that farming applications, like spectrum, are putting a strong selling pressure on MIR, by design.
From one side the MIR LPs has more volume and this is positive for partecipants, from another the protocol main token looks disadvantaged. Basically spectrum, not maliciously, sucks value out of MIR …
I think that a very little taxation on the traded amount of mir to be sent to mir stakers (in governance) would fix the problem. This way Spectrum and mirror partecipants could be equally happy and spectrum woulc be an healthy add in the ecosystem. Consider this idea for all the projects. E.g. vault farm on anchor project adding seeling pressure on ANC: fee on AND UST trade redistributed to ANC stakers in governance: vault farm on pylon … you know the suggestion.

reading myself i sound a bit bad towards spectrum, that I really like as idea.
I want just to remove a part of the selling pressure that i think with automatic farms could atificially lower mir value. My idea is to do it advantaging the mir stakers in governance hence increasing intrinsec mir value.

For sure, this has added to the continuous selling pressure on MIR along with delta neutral strategies. A simpler strategy could be to lock the rewards for certain period which vest over time. This way the different strategies have to be invested in MIR at least for some time.