Inverse Luna Token

Inverse assets could be a really interesting primitive on Mirror. Let’s take a look at what an mInverseLuna could do. Oracle price would be (1 / Luna Price).

Hedging For Stakers: Long term stakers looking to hedge their portfolio could convert their stake rewards into the InverseLuna token rather than un-staking and selling.

Leverage for Degens Bullish LUNAtics could post LUNAx as collateral, then mint and sell these inverse tokens short to buy more LUNAx.

Conservative Optimists Another interesting strategy would be to put up aUST as collateral for mints and mint / short the inverse LUNA.

Bear Token People who are bearish can buy the token and profit from price declines.

I think there would be a very wide site of investors interested in the token from both sides. Thoughts?

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