Investing in, all those who voted in favor of the builder coin will be equally rewarded with buildercoins worth $5 million

Welcome to

The most powerful algorithmic stable coin project, as well as the first project to create an initial loan offering.

What is is a decentralized, self-iterative stable coin project with endogenous power.

It is the first project in the world to use an initial loan offering. You don’t need to buy builder coin, you only need to interest-freely borrow it to participate in liquidity mining, then get builder coin rewards.

It has two endogenous engines that help each other, one is the builder deflation engine , and the other is the price leverage engine , which boosts the demand for builder combustion operations. The two engines give positive feedback to each other and create an unlimited financial value.

How do the deflation engine and price leverage engine of builder coin work together?

After builder coin generates the initial price, USB can have 15% of the market value of builder coin issuance quota. Since the additional issuance of USB will reward the liquidity miners of USB, this will prompt people to burn builder coin to generate USB and lock it for USB liquidity mining. The burning of builder coin will lead to deflation of builder coin, and the price will rise as a result. Due to the leverage effect of the circulating price, the market value of builder coin will increase by many times the part of the market value burned by builder coin. The increased market value of builder coin will support more security issuance quotas of USB, which makes the rewards of USB mining more generous, and once again stimulates people to burn builder coin to generate USB and lock it for USB liquidity mining, leading to the deflation of builder coin again… If the cycle continues, everyone who participates will gain ever-increasing wealth.

The flow chart of

Investing in, all those who voted in favor of the builder coin will be equally divided into buildercoin worth $5 million(1 buildercoin priced at 1USD).

I think this is a very good investment opportunity for the mirror treasury. I am sure that will bring huge rewards to everyone who voted for it.

Please check the investment link on our official website. Prevent fraud.
Please log on to our official website to get more details about our project.

Let me go dump the little Mir I have before its worthless since everyone seems to be submitting community spends after what has happened lately. Baffling. I am not one to say scam but the odds all these are genuine is highly doubtful.


I am the founder of, you can go to to have a detailed look at our project. I believe that you will find that this is by no means a project that a liar can make.

And our project will be online within a month.

Before the end of Proposal No. 198, the first loan issuance of BuilderFinance and the liquidity mining function of Buildercoin will be launched. All voters who support 198 are equally rewarded with 5 million buildercoins (the initial price is $1).

This is getting out of control. Are most of MIR stakers stupid or what? Why they just blindly vote Yes for all of the proposal trying to scam the money from the community-pool?


Yup. Pretty crazy that people are voting “yes” to this.
They are asking for 2M MIR’s (~$5 mil) based on a few paragraphs and a picture (图片1) on a website?
And saying everyone voting “yes” will get a slice of the $5 million dollars worth of USB in a week?
Everyone voting “yes” will get rich quick in a week!?!?? Pretty ridiculous.


Why are these voters just blindly vote Yes for random proposal trying to steal the money from the community pool??? Even right after so many fraudulent pools???


You can look at our project design in detail, and then come to conclusions. In addition, I tell you that we will launch the first loan issuance function and the Buildercoin liquidity mining function before the voting ends; all project functions will be launched within one month.

Big voters are supporting Proposition 198. Because they went to read carefully and knew that this was not a project design that a liar could make.

What detail? Your GitBook page with a few paragraphs?
I’ve been through the ICO craze of 2017. At least those scammers tried harder to do it with a professional looking website with a full whitepaper and list of bogus team members (actual names and photos).
What info do you have on your page?

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The contract code will be open sourced before the voting on the proposal ends. If you think I did such a complicated project design to cheat money, then you can vote against it.

If you are from 2017, financing through white papers without any code is normal. Terra only had white papers from the beginning. .

When you incentivize “voting” but don’t incentivize “reading, understanding, and carefully considering” this is what you get unfortunately…


Another potential scam. I could write that white paper in a couple of hours. It is worth $2 million? There is literally nothing else. Who is voting ‘yes’ for this?

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Ah hey I created a coin project. Just send me 5 million dollars and I will give you BIG money and dump your MIR coins a little bit. Are you for real? If you are not trying to scam people don’t you know how ICO offers, investments work? What is “BIG INVESTORS” shit. I am sorry but seeing stupid scam Community-Speend polls voted Yes every morning makes me loose hope on democracy. Are MIR governers that stupid to still vote Yes after this many attempts? Community-Spend polls should be halted until we implement a better solution for it.

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What the hell??? Yes it’s normal if you have a smart contract that handles investing automatically and you go throught legit audits. Even with that you should let individuals or big investors decide for themselves. There are many launchpads that you can apply. You don’t ask a community’s money that is supposed to be spend for improveing the community by tricking voters with candy. If you trust your project go launch a funding pool or apply to StarTerra. This is not the place to fundraise.

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The only big voters are the proposer (with 17K voters) and probably a bunch of co-conspirators voted together early, just trying to swing those ignorant voters. …

And the proposer just bought MIR tokens right before he come out voting…

Based on the way these polls are going, the community fund will be empty within a month and all the funds will be held in a few private wallets. Either there is some scammers forum out there who are sharing how easy it is to scam MIR voters or there is some intelligence operation to bring down decentralized DeFi through constant scams and frauds.