Is Mirror Portal down again in mid Jan23?

Since mid Jan23, every time when I tried to connect Mirror Portal page (both in and to my Terra Station wallet, the system just responded “Error, Network request failed”. I cannot claim MIR rewards anymore. Could anyone please help?

Found a solution from Telegram group. Share it here:

  1. Install Rebel Station extension in Chrome.
  2. Connect Rebel Station extension to your Terra Station wallet.
  3. Open Rebel Station desktop and connect it to your Terra Station wallet in Chrome.
  4. Ensure the network used is Classic.
  5. Select Contract in the menu (on left hand side) of Rebel Station desktop.
  6. Input Mirror Staking smart contract “terra17f7zu97865jmknk7p2glqvxzhduk78772ezac5” in the Contract box, click Execute button.
  7. Input “{
    “withdraw”: {}
    }” in the Execute box, click submit.
  8. Approve the transaction using your Terra Station password.
    If successful, your MIR rewards from Mirror farmings will be credited to your Terra Station wallet.

You can use the Rebel Station extension but it’s not required, for other ways to execute commands on contracts read this thread: