Is there a way we could use community funds to reward users for doing useful tasks?

I guess since this is a new project there are many tasks that must be done in a decentralized way. I think about creating logos, images free from copyright that can be used to promote the project by anyone, translation of documentation, bug-hunting, development etc In other words: it would be useful to have some kind of bounty system to reward users that do useful tasks for the community.

I’m not a programmer and probably it would not make sense to build an entire bounty system from scratch, but maybe there are platforms out there that already have an optimized system of curation/reputation that we could use as a community and just post MIR bounties for the completion of some tasks. What do you think? This is just a raw idea, I would be happy if someone could improve it.

good ideas to use community funds (and members) to create compelling marketing materials, memes, gifs, etc - that we can all use on social media to promote What i don’t think is needed is some overthought bounty system. Let’s just get a few simple contests with rewards/bounties together and have a contingency from TFL vote on the winners.

Maybe we can have:
Best Mirror Finance GIF
Best use of Mirror Finance Logo in Image / Art
Best Mirror Finance Meme
Best Mirror Finance Video

I think instead of us curating a list of things that can get bounties, you should canvas the community for things you think could be value additive, create it, and then create a community pool spend proposal to claim the bounty

If the contribution is meaningful I’m sure the proposal will be successful :slight_smile:

If it’s something too small to involve the wider community feel free to write a proposal on this forum, and we’ll see what I can do with a personal donation


ok, I guess something feasible would be to do art contests. Artists can submit logos and other artwork that can help us promote Mirror and make clear that by submitting they also free the images from copyright so bloggers and users online can use the content freely. We can reward the best 3 artists with proportional rewards and the winner will receive a commission. The first commission could be to make a new Mirror logo and a logo for each mAsset listed to make the platform more aesthetically pleasing. What do you think?

Sounds cool!

Would you like to run this? Would be great to get a meme contest going as well

I can try, what do you think would be a fair prize for first, second and third place?