Is there anyway to see the total amount of mAsset that's been minted and in circulation?

I was curious to explore how much of the mAssets being minted are on Teraswap vs elsewhere, and I couldn’t find a UI to help explore this. Similar to Terra Finder but the “total supply” and “top accounts” don’t show up the way they do on Etherscan.

Sorry if this is a noob question, still learning about Terra ecosystem.

All the liquidity listed on terra is on terraswap

Interesting site, thank you for sharing. Upon looking there, some parts of it don’t make sense. For example, it says mEth market cap is 12.34 billion which seems insanely high. Especially since on the landing page it says the total value of all minted assets is 191 million, which seems reasonable. How do you reconcile this info?

You are right, it is definitely not showing the correct values. Sorry about that, I believe it was working before. has all this information.