Issues to address for V3

Hi all,
I’m a civil engineer and by no means i am an expert. I have been investing in mir since day one and i can confidently say, something is fundamentally off for the token to dump during the bull market. Lets discuss what are the issues we are facing and hoping the team will read and address them. In my own opinion these are the major issues:-

1-inflation:- we all know mir is inflationary for 4 years. Each year it will become less inflationary but The issue is, the token demand is falling faster than the inflation rate which cause the token to sink.

Solutions might be:-
-Assigning a marketing team exclusively for mir. We can use the community pool to pay for that
-Assigning a small percentage of the fees collected to buy mir and send it to a dead address
-Bring useful cases for mir token (increase demand)

2-reduce premiums:- this is one major issues that needs to be addressed. Paying high premium with the recent rewards cut are pushing investors away. People, including me hoping to get the premium back from rewards.

3-increase fees protocols after addressing the high premium. If the premium is reduced down to less than 0.5% on all massets. Increasing the fees slightly will bring money to the protocol and a reason for people to hold the token.

4-team : communicate with the community. The lack of communication killed the trust and raised questions.

5- add a useful utility to the token:- mir is a farming token for sure. You can make a safer investment by farming massers LP ( you have upside potential from masset and great staking rewards) this is definitely better than governing as token is sinking and rewards cannot offset the loses. why people should hold MIR token then ?

6-clarify to the community about the sec. explain how mir decentralization and the accusation have no control over the protocol.

High mir value will raise the aprs which will bring more people to the protocol.

Somehow buying an masset should raise mir price ( useful case between mir and massets ). We have a TVL more than popular synthetic protocols but it is not reflected on the token itself. The disconnection between MIR and the protocol itself is a major issue and a useful case is definitely needed than just providing incentives.

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