It's time to vote NO to GME and AMC polls

As other people in this forum said, GME and AMC have weak fundamentals and not useful assets anymore after the bubble is gone. If they are once registered, there is no turning back. People will buy them for high LP staking rewards distributed equally to each pool, regardless of the price. Then their prices can go high and far away from the peg and the situation we are facing now will be more serious. Poll 59: Register AMC parameters Poll 60: Register GME parameters


I second this. If the rewards are same no matter how large the stock is, I think we also need to allow removal of tokens when the market cap/volume (in dollars traded) of the asset drop below certain level

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I agree that we need a process for the removal of mAsset but for another reason. In case of delisting in the ‘real’ stock market, the system must be able to deal with it.

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