Listing mAssets mechanism should be revised or incentives

Hi, from my observation the past few weeks, I found that people don’t participate much in voting. I don’t know because there’s a cost to vote or because MIR stakers get rewards if the proposal fails.

Failure to pass quorum will distribute the deposit MIR (100 MIR) to MIR stakers. The voters also don’t get direct incentives to vote. I think this is why people are discouraged to propose anything and less engagement from MIR holders due to extra fees they have to pay or they get rewards if fail.

My suggestion is to reduce the penalty for failure proposal to the minimum at this stage. Once the market is more mature, then we can bring up the penalty to prevent the overwhelming proposals.


Hey - please see my post here.

We will add further improvements as necessary once we get an idea of how the voting behavior changes.