Listing of A-Shares/HK Shares in China

There is a general shift of trend and interest towards China stocks as China is poised to overtake the largest economy in the world by 2030. We know the rise of China is inevitable and there are a lot of investors that are interested in investing in China shares.

Most China A-shares (CATL, Kweichow Moutai and etc.) are listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange making this inaccessible and inconvenient to regular retail traders as only certain stockbroker lists it and there are complicated fees involved in between.

I have also always wanted to invest in Moutai as they are the most expensive stock and most valuable stock in China, but 1 share cost > $2,000 RMB and the minimum unit is 100.

Other China Shares like (Meituan Dianping, Tencent, Alibaba and etc.) are listed on the HK stock exchange. However, the minimum buying lot on HK stock exchange is 100 lots, making the capital amount high for small retail investors.

In short, buying China/HK shares are expensive, inaccessible, opaque as different brokers have different fees but yet there are a strong demand and interest in them.

My proposal is to list assets for a china exposure in Mirror and I believe this will attract many small retail investors like myself who have always wanted to buy China stocks but do not have the capital.


Why not ticker 2800 and 3169 in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

2800 is Hong Kong’s version of broad market index. It is owned by Hong Kong gov so no wonder it is the biggest ETFs in HKEX.

3169 is Vanguard Total China Index ETF, as the name implies “give me a piece of China!”.

if we are able to directly track the prices from each asset, i see no reason to go with etf’s. its ok to maybe having them too.
but i dont think its a good choice to only track vanguard/blackrock products.

pls every big index on this planet, some good commodities (and not some derived products of them) and many great stocks.

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I don’t want ETFs, ETFs can be easily bought and sold anywhere guys. The point is creating assets that are:

  1. expensive (so that small retail can own fractional shares)
  2. hard to access
  3. highly in demand

China ETFs are already almost everywhere on regular traditional brokers

no ETFs, its costly! we need the authentic stock, better including Chinese or Japanese stocks so that mirror minters can work during asian time!

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