Lower quorum to help listings of more m assets

In my opinion there should be more m assests listed to help grow a better mirror protocol and by lowering the quorom to say 6percent i think this could help get some more assests listed as at the moment there is just not enough voting taking place and unless any whales vote this is not going to help growth in near future any thoughts.


I would be open to starting at 8% and observe if it makes a difference. The cause of voting may be interest in the proposed assets themselves. Good thought though!

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6% may be a bit too low of a threshold. If an asset passes, it creates a requirement for the team to launch and operate on the platform. But low liquidity and extreme cases can cause lots of headaches, so it is always good to operate popular assets with strong liquidity first, to avoid instabilities. I think the current threshold is 12%. Iā€™d say, 10% should be a good compromise, but not lower.

Rather, voting rewards should be better announced and presented, so everyone understands it is in their best interest for many reasons to get involved and vote!

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