Lowering 0.3% Fee on Trades - Discussion

Right now I believe all stock trades on Mirror incur a 0.3% fee. I think this high fee discourages casual users from using the platform. It’s fine if you are a farmer, but I think the end goal should be for Mirror to have lots of organic users, not just people farming MIR. What do you all think about lowering the trading fee to 0.05%. This will encourage more casual users to see it as a viable alternative to a regular broker, and it will also make arbitrage of the premium/discount more profitable for bots helping the platform offer tighter spreads.

Unfortunately, the trading is done through (and fees controlled by) Terra Swap, i believe. I’m not sure of the relationship between the teams, but Terra Swap almost certainly doesn’t have the same goals as Mirror.

In the ‘Roadmap following v2’ post Roadmap following V2

The implication is that v3 will include an updated trading engine that will allow more flexibility in LP management and/or lower trading fees. In uniswap v3, LP’s can choose from three ranges of trading fees and contributors that select lower trading fees see their liquidity used more, which can mean they earn more fees even though they selected lower fee levels.

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