LP staking confusion

My LP staking balance has been updating hourly. I had not noticed before but it has also happened, I made a claim before my usual update of 45 minutes past the hour (e.g. 08:45). So i made my claim at 25 minutes past the hour but when it 45 minutes past the hour i did not get reward. Only went it was about hour after i made the previous claim, did i get the reward. It therefore appears that making a claim skips over the next reward if made before the hourly update.

Can anyone explain this. Let’s say i get 1 MIR every hour 45 minutes past the hour and i make a claim at 09:30, and now at 09:45 nothing. Now at 10:30, i get 1 MIR. Had i not claimed, in 15 more min at 10:45 i would have had a total of 2 MIR. This adds up to quite a few missing tokens. Can anyone look into this.

I believe this is expected behavior. Rewards are paid out hourly . In a perfect world rewards would be prorated . Perhaps this could be a potenial improvement for V2, if it’s feasible to implement.

I dont think it would be feasible to abuse this due to fees when buying an asset (ie if someone was to buy some mstonks just before payout, sell and then move UST to Anchor or whatever to try and maximize yield) . But there is potenial for abuse , and so this is another reason prorated rewards would be the best approach.

but if i haven’t touched my LP then why would this be expected. It’s earned because it hasn’t been touched. if i stopped the LP then i would expect prorated payments to become a discussion point but the LP is pooled and staked and therefore untouched. It’s earned and not being paid out. that is a different issue altogether to me.

Oh! I was conflating my own experience adding and removing LP and not getting rewards… I would agree, this is a different issue, and seems like a bug. Claiming MIR shouldn’t forgo the next hour’s rewards. I’ll test this on my end as well to see if i have the same expierence.

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Sounds good. It’s definitely a timing issue related to when you capture your rewards. i tried it multiple times so looking forward to what you see on your end.