Make it easier/more intuitive to get UST and MIR directly from My Page

For new users, it’s hard to interact with the system if there are not easy/clear ways to get the base assets of UST and MIR. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘Buy UST’ or ‘Buy MIR’ button, which is what a new user would probably look for. They may not know to go to a separate exchange to get UST and then use the UST to swap to MIR and then put into an LP. Too many barriers/learning curves for a new user who just wants to buy mBaba


Right now there is a BUY UST button displayed next to the wallet login information when there is absolutely no UST in user’s wallet.

Do you think this should always be displayed (regardless of UST holding)?

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New user here and I totally agree. I think there should be a pinned link on the very basics of what you said and also maybe a search tab on both the mETH and Terra sides