mAsset price notification Telegram bot

Hi everyone,

I made a bot that notifies on mAsset price changes.
It can also notify on Total Value Locked or All liquidity, for instance.
Say, you would like to get notified when

  • mTSLA Oracle price becomes more than 700 UST
  • mAAPL Terra price becomes less than 100 UST
  • TVL becomes equal to 2B UST

This bot can do it!

The bot has 2 personalities at the moment:

  • Mandalorian
  • Ali G

Feel free to try it out, any feedback is welcome.
I will be adding more features along the way.
Let me know if you have feature requests or would like to see more notification types.

Some screenshots:



Great job !
I’ll get started on it and let you know


sounds good, thanks man :+1:

Released version 2.0.0 of the bot - It allows to get notified once there is a claimable airdrop for a public terra wallet address.
Next version will contain notifications on newly created governance proposals and updates on proposals status.

Released version 3.0.0 of the bot - new features are focused on Governance proposals:

  • Notifications - the bot allows to get notified on the following events:
    • New proposal creation
    • Existing proposal status change
    • 24 hours before proposal voting ends
  • Proposals overview split per status
    • In progress
    • Passed
    • Executed
    • Rejected
  • Simple proposal search - searches for any word/phrase in proposal title, could be useful in avoiding duplicate proposals. The search is case-insensitive

updated the bot for the new version of mirror v2 API
would be nice if v3 would be backwards compatible API-wise

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Released version 5.0.0 of the bot - new experimental feature allows to keeping track of collateral on borrowed positions, given a public wallet address.
It is now possible to get notified if collateral ratio on a borrowed position falls below a configurable threshold.
It is also possible to query all current borrowed positions, where current and minimum collateral ratio are displayed.

Some explanation:
Borrowed positions on mirror have minimum collateral ratio .
If current collateral ratio falls below minimum collateral ratio - there is a risk of liquidation.
This bot allows you to get notified if current collateral ratio gets close to minimum collateral ratio .
You can set threshold above minimum collateral ratio, to get notified upfront.
Minimum collateral ratio for mSLV is 150%.
If you specify 50 as threshold, you will get notified if current collateral ratio falls below 200% (150 + 50).
Collateral Safe Zone will be considered above or equal to 200%.