mAsseting of Potential assets

I had a chance to watch a YouTube video.

In that video, it is said that Korean companies have potential, but it is difficult for foreigners to invest.

There are three countries where direct trading is difficult even at a securities company called Schwab, which supports a lot of overseas stocks in the United States. Those three are Korea, India and Russia.

Schwab tried to deal with Korean stocks, but the Korean government requested the buyer’s personal information in so much detail that the contract could not be concluded.

Korea is a country with a wide range of deep value stocks, but to buy Korean stocks, they are said to have to go to Korea and trade directly with a local broker.

It would be great if you give these people an opportunity to trade Korean stocks.

If Mirror can provide investment destinations with various potentials as well as Korea, the growth of Mirror will be enormous.

If Mirror find a variety of Oracle providers, this is a great opportunity.

Of course, liquidity could be a big problem with the current mirror structure.

When I think about the long-term future, I think it’s an idea to consider.

I posted a similar post last time, but I don’t have a reply, so I try to post another one.

What do you think guys? Thank you.