mAssetization of foreign exchange products

What do you think about trading various foreign currencies used by Terra in Mirror?

Of course, Terra and Terra can be exchanged via Swap at Terra Station.

However, Luna needs to be burned in order for the Terra to be supplied.

It would be good if foreign exchange was traded in Mirror to induce more Luna incineration and boost Terra demand.

If you get reasonable amount of reward (I think you can provide a lower APR because it’s more reliable than other assets). Many people will try to supply liquidity.

In fact, it seems like it should be done in Terra swap, but from Mirror’s original purpose of trading various assets, maybe it is okay to do in Mirror.

I think it can be a good opportunity to trade various foreign exchange assets. Also, it is an opportunity for both Terra and Mirror platforms to be activated.

What do you think guys? Thank you.


What are the advantages of having mUSD while there is UST? I think mirrored currencies are not attractive to (potential) users and just eating up LP rewards.

Well… I wanted to say something like KRT-UST or EUT-UST.

If liquidity is supplied in the exchange between Terra and Terra, wouldn’t we burn Luna and issue Terra to supply liquidity?

Others will be able to do FX trading.

I thought you want ‘mAssetization’, in the title.

Mirror uses Terraswap.
I think what you want could be done by this work.
And for me as well, It would be great if it is supported by the interface of Mirror web app!