mAssets ETF - basket of mAssets

As more mAssets join the Mirror ecosystem, there is a need for a mechanism to basket together mAssets by similar characteristics. Think an ETF for mAssets.

Ways mAssets can be bundled:

  1. by market cap (large-cap, small-cap, etc)
  2. by sector (technology, financials, commodities)
  3. by asset class (crypto, equity, ETF)

Creating a basket of mAssets would allow users to gain exposure to a wider variety of the Mirror platform, boost volumes, and encourage governance participation.

It could be built in a variety of ways and would on-ramp new users from traditional brokerages to be exposed to responsible investing on-chain.

Worth discussing?


I think that is a great idea! And maybe when mAssets grow even larger, we can have an ETF with manager.

New Terra protocols are already building this out


@Mr.MIR, seems like you know your stuff. Mind linking me? Was not aware of this.

Nebula Protocol will do the job

I would be interested in ETFs that cost MIR. The MIR economy could use a boost.

It’s a great idea. As Heki mentioned the Nebula Protocol is in development with that very goal: