mAssets pegged to blockchain

Im your majority share holder I believe. Some mAssets I own 3% total. On Etherium and Binance. Terra has to go because it’s prone to breaking.

Hello, mAssets not pegged to oracle price. We should implement burn mechanism or vote to delist, to get oracle price.
Now good price to buy. Hope is all what we have, believe everything will be good

What we need is to get the missing assets together. Ive watched one by one fall. Because we all think we know better. We need to unite not burn. No more terra it’s broken…and all these scammers telling me to change this node and that is a load of crap.

Current holders need to build up there mAssets even 0.0001 of each asset that’s alive and hodl them until a new stablecoin appears. I believe that is the only way.

I’m agree with you, I’m always buy new m assets , buy from all mir which get from staking.
I think burn will help us, or at least some whales like if cz will support Mir, or someone else.

Some of us need more than hope. Not everyone is a tech expert to understand the shortcomings of protocols even after reading their white papers. Quite a few of us have been converted to pro-regulation after the LUNA fiasco. Until strong consumer-protection regulation is in place, a lot of people will keep their money out of DeFi–and stay as far away from all things LUNA as possible.

Agree :100: um look I’ve tucked mine safety on Eth and BSC thru metamask.

Update we don’t need a stablecoin! Join me in buying what mAssets you can get…ONLY on Eth Network or Binance Network.

Why only at eth and bsc ? We can buy at terra classic

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If you think that buying them on Eth or Binance makes you ‘safe’ from what happens on Terra, then you don’t understand the protocol at all.

mAssets are issued on Terra. You are lending to a borrower that took a loan denominated in the underlying (TSLA, GOOG, etc). This loan originates on Terra and is collateralized on Terra. If Terra breaks down completely (or if the oracle for the underlying stops printing, as it did for AMZN) the loan can never be repaid, and your ownership of it means… basically nothing, since there is nothing you can do to get repaid other than dump it to somebody else that can never get repaid.

Hogwash! Where’s your progress…better yet where’s your blockchain proof… MAssets are a micro reflection of real world stocks. Everyone talks crap …but can you actually make a difference. Instead discouraging people like myself. Your right who cares. In fact I give up