mBTC increase to 16k


What’s going in mirror bitcoin? It shows it increase in every site but when we try to swipe it. It shows same price as we purchase?

mBTC is still worth near zero on my side. Where do you see it at 16K?

Go to CoinMarketCap, Coinbase and crypto.com you gonna see the value is 16,500 dollars. In mirror site is showing what I purchase

When I spoke with them they try to let me sell it for 8 dollars per piece which is not correct amount

Clearly those websites show wrong data. You can buy mBTC only from mBTC pools and none of those pools have 16k price

Some pools in pancake swipe does have a huge values of assets. Those site were verified they do not put any random number in chart. So something is not clear that mirror protocol needs to clarified. I know what is pool. And I am not only one on complaint. They shouldn’t list their site into one of those verified pages (like coinmarketapp, Coinbase and other) they should just keep it as private and not giving hope for people. Keep at least one site like mirror protocol the rest like bitcoin, etherium and such should not be on list of those verified site. Btw mirror is not mean duplicate of the coin? So the value of it should be the same as actual coin.

Sorry mate. Mirror has a lot of problems at the moment, but what you are stating just shows a lack of understanding about the protocol and probably about crypto/DeFi at large.

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Are there other pools besides Mirror Protocol and Loop.Finance?

I would like to buy 500 mBTC, but the liquidity is not good on those DEXs. I am willing to pay the current 183 UST price.

If anyone would like to sell to me, please respond so we can coordinate. Perhaps we can use a P2P service (from an exchange) so that the transfer is safe.


Do you still need help with your purchase?

I was able to buy it over a few days.