Meme contest results

Hello, today the winners of the meme contest were announced in your telegram chat. why did you conduct a dishonest vote and distribute tokens to people who scored a small number of points. when my friends and I began to ask to publish the balls that the whiteners scored, we were simply blocked in telegram! I do not understand why you are playing a full game. I invest my money in your project, and you deceive me and just block me. to be honest, I ask you to publish the real balls of the winners

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So let’s be clear, Mirror is a DAO controlled protocol, and this contest was conducted by a community member. Personally i have not been following the meme contest, but the reality is , only 2500 MIR was distributed in the contest, this is nothing in the grand scheme of things, this is hardly enough to move the price of MIR 1 cent.

You can find the original proposal for the meme contest here

And i would suggest in the future keeping a close eye out for community proposals so that you can vote and provide input before they go live.

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