mERC 20 tokens and Vanguard Total ETF indicies

Hi everyone,

I would like to propose to create more mAssets on Terra.

Are we able to create synthetic ERC-20 tokens that are available on Uniswap ? In this way, Terra would be able to compete with Uniswap v.3 (on layer 2).

I would also like to propose to whitelist Vanguard ETF’s to gain exposure to virtually all the world assets. Vanguard has fantastic etsfs tracking worldwide bond and stock market.

Thank you,


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no, pleaso no shady company sold products which could make a lehmanbrothers move.
im fully against any etf aslong as we dont create our own basket with indivuall tracked assets.

Do you have any idea who the Vanguard is ???

If you knew, you would not write such nonsense.

sure do i know blackrock and vanquard, but its still just a shady company sold product.