Migrate mAsset/UST pairs on Ethereum away from Uniswap

Initiating the discussion on this topic.



Possible solution:

  1. Migrate mAsset/UST pairs from Uniswap to Sushiswap, modify the factory and staking contracts to allow MIR emissions to be redistributed to new pairs pools, and update the front end to point to the new AMM.
    NB: I have no technical understanding of how this is possible (Eth contracts may not have any admin key, etc)

  2. Any other ideas ?

At the very least we should kill the 2 ETH contract pairs that are basically stablecoins due to not updating after there stock splits (MVIXY & MIAU). Price can’t move and they don’t provide liquidity for live Mirror contracts.

Sorry to all the people free farming those but they’re a complete waste of money for Mirror


This might also be a good time to discuss the budget for emissions on ETH. I believe there are equal emissions on both the Terra side as well as the ETH side. Do we think this is best going forward? I understand the importance of ETH farming because it introduces new users (its how I found Terra!), but i also think we should be trying to have more liqudity work its way over to the Terra side. I agree with moving farms to Sushi swap but think we should do so with 25% less emissions and redirect those emissions to Terra side.

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