Mint v Buy mAsset

Hi - new and feeling my way around Mirror and mAssets. Love what I am seeing so far - the overall concept of mirrored assets, speed of the Terra network, the clean UX. I think Mirror is onto something big here.
I haven’t been able to figure out the advantage of Minting an mAsset by locking up 150% collateral. Why would someone do that versus just buying an already minted tokens?
Thanks in advance.

Three reasons why people might mint an asset:

  1. To take an intentional short position if they think the stock will go down.
  2. To take a ‘delta neutral’ market-making position where they short and hedge with a similar long position.
  3. To take a large LP position, where buying the asset in size would cause too much slippage. (This can combine with 2 or be net long)
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Thanks. Very sophisticated thinking.