MIR and Anchor don't connect to ledger after new Chrome / Brave Update

The mirror and anchor apps won’t connect to my ledger when trying to process transactions. Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

I was able to confirm that the issue is due to the recent update to the brave / chrome browser. I used another computer with an older version of brave and was able to process transactions.

Anyone having this issue should download an older version of chrome / brave, re-install the terra station extension and the issue will be resolved.

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🧑🏻‍🚀Ledger issue update!!

:earth_africa:There is a build version of Google Chrome that works perfectly for Ledger users!

:arrow_right:Download: Chrome Canary Features For Developers - Google Chrome

:white_check_mark:Many ledger users are using this Chrome version since the Ledger Live bridge (fix proposed by Metamask) is pretty annoying to use in their opinion!!

:white_check_mark: Chromium v92 (new update of Chrome) which will fix this issue will not be out until mid-July


:bookmark:We, therefore, recommend ledger users to use this version of Chrome to have an optimal experience of interacting with Terra applications with the time being

:arrow_right:Download: Chrome Canary Features For Developers - Google Chrome