MIR and Terra Station wallet

I bought MIR on KuCoin for staking at MIR webapp. I was advised that I can use Terra station wallet for holding my MIR while staking. So I created the Terra station wallet via Terra station Chrome extension and sent my MIR from KuCoin to wallet. However when MIR arrived to the wallet I get info that wallet is empty as it does not hold any native tokens even though below I can see my sent MIR tokens. I thought MIR is Terra native tokens…, is not it?
Then before staking MIR at webapp I wanted to swap some of MIR to UST via Terra Station to cover tx cost… But once I wanted to execute a swap I got info “Something went wrong
unknown address: account terra1uawxt8yq45ckstxu8qv8l4hhp9nv4at5k3l8q0 does not exist: failed to simulate tx”.
So may I ask please to clarify why I can not execute a swap MIR to UST transaction?
Many thanks in advance for your support!


you have 90 MIR. Can you check again?

I can really see them in my Terra station wallet. I can view the transaction at KuCoin and it refers to Terra finder transaction hash:
and it was successfully completed… So i do not know why MIR is not visible in Terra finder under my terra address: terra1uawxt8yq45ckstxu8qv8l4hhp9nv4at5k3l8q0.

I see 90 MIR in Terra finder at address:
under token section but when I go to Terra station to execute a swap into UST it still shows me a message: Something went wrong
unknown address: account terra1uawxt8yq45ckstxu8qv8l4hhp9nv4at5k3l8q0 does not exist: failed to simulate tx”.

I’m getting the exact error as @mati … cannot swap MIR for UST
I’m on a macOS 10.13.6

Was this ever resolved. I’m about to send my MIR to Terra Station and am now concerned. Is their an issue currently with MIR and Terra Station?

are you pointing to mainnet?

similar issue here. I have UST in my Terra Station and MIR in my metamask - I can’t send MIR from metamask to Terra station…? All I want is to provide liquidity MIR/UST. What’s the best way to proceed?

Did you have MIR or wrapped MIR? If you are moving from an ERC-20 or BEP-20 token, you need to use the bridge.

Hey I hope someone reached out by now but you need the native tokens, in this case Luna or UST, so you can pay for the transaction fee like on every other chain.

I learned this lesson the hard way as well. Transferred all my MIR to terra station and was stuck because I had no UST to process transactions. Need to have UST in terra wallet to be able to stake MIR-UST or anything else for that matter.