MIR Governance Stake Reward

Hello everyone,
Since I have staked my MIR for governance it nerver got rewarded.
Is it not supossed to be Automatically re-staked?
It has the same value since it got satked.
I talked to some guys at the telegram chat and they have the same thing.
Is this a bug?

No updates on the weekend i believe. You should see it start to increase Monday thru Friday

I staked on thursday.

keep an eye out then for a change on monday … capture the screenshots to show so that it can be flagged.

You will get the rewards. No worries!

When you get rewarded how can you verify besides watching the total staked value increase? I do not see any activity on my public Terra address for my MIR, and my “Total Reward” and “Total Reward Value” at https://terra.mirror.finance/ still says 0 MIR and 0 UST, respectively. However, my total MIR at my public address is higher then when I staked it 2 weeks ago so it appears that I’m being rewarded. Just seems like the dashboard isn’t working, or I’m misunderstanding it.

Was similar enough I thought it would be helpful here rather than on a new post. I’d like to see each reward deposit transaction for tax purposes, also for verification.