MIR token recovery please help

Hi… I made a huge mistake today. I attempted to send my MIR tokens to kucoin but my coins got lost in translation because I sent the tokens to the ERC20 address that kucoin’s MIR deposit has given me… then my ledger generated some default terra address so Kucoin’s tech support was not able to retrieve the tokens for me… I sent about 1349 MIR tokens… is there anyway I can retrieve my tokens back? This is a big deal to me… Please help

I was referred here by Papi on the telegram group. Address is below Thank you


Don’t think anyone can help you but I’ll try and clear up some of your misunderstanding (Assuming I’m even right in the first place!)

You mentioned that your ledger generated some “default terra address”
That is false. You sent the MIR to terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc, which is the Terra address for the shuttle. You have also attached the memo address of 0xe65608d93d0674599d0503d12a71c6ac7aa680dd, which is a ETH address.

Do you know who holds the address 0xe65608d93d0674599d0503d12a71c6ac7aa680dd? Your only method of recovery is via the owner of this address. You can see 1347.651 MIR sitting in this address.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what happened.

thank you kucoin actually released and gave me back my tokens this morning thank you!!!


Glad to hear about that!

How long did it take? I’m in a similar boat from sending some UST. I know KuCoin customer support is probably slammed, but they do not keep customers updated very well.

took me about a day they were super cool about it

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Glad to hear it. Be careful next time :slight_smile:

help me i did the exact same thing but kucoin said that the wallet number was not theirs so they couldnt do anything

Did you read the comment I posted afterwards?

Can someone give me some guidance?
I was attempting to send my MIR tokens from my METAMASK (MM) account through Meth (eth mirror finance) with my wallet to Terra Station. The transaction (0x9381ebd349631dddc4243d7909eaafd40cf89471b29dc43799dd0e03396f24ae) went through but the To: recipient was changed to a non existant account (0x000…00).
Looking at ethscan.io it looks like the wrapped MIR was burned but I no longer have it in my MM account nor do I have anything in my Terra Station account.
What should I do to correct the situation?
Thanks for your help in advance.


I was able to find my tokens by recovering my other account. This is all new to me and sometimes confusing.