Mirror AMM pool & burn tax upgrade

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is something to be done with regards to LP for the upcoming burn tax event from proposal #4661.
I ve read that there will be a migration for terraswap LP to be done prior to migration, still did not see the migration page. I guess we will have to migrate mAsset LP as well. However, since the contract will not be upgrated, I wonder how this will/may affect the current MIR emission reward.

Any help is welcome.

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Current understanding is that it won’t impact Mirror LPs – the issue TerraSwap described really only impact LUNC pairs. But impossible to know if TS will remove the pools from the UI if they’re not upgraded.

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Thanks for the reply.
Should TS remove the pool from the UI, the UI is still working on mirror.
There is also the option to call the contract directly with terra station.

you can view page for swap at terraswap ( classic version)

Question about mirror assets migration is still open, because team dont say anything

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I assume it will all break until proven other wise. If i miss a few days of emission to avoid the risk of my funds becoming permanently locked like my mAMZN shorts, no big deal.

I did get out of the pool during the upgrade.
However I cant buy any mAsset now, got this weird error where terra station is asking for all kind of terra fiat pegged token.
Anyone manage to buy mAsset from pool since the tax burn upgrade ?

I can’t buy even mir token both on mirror and astroport BUT I can easily collect mirror rewards and sell them, same with astroc rewards, you can collect them and sell them but not buy, however I see the buy transactions on coinhall so maybe other users interact directly with the contract - seems now the only way to do this…

Hello, I’m trying to execute a swap on mirror. UI is bas so I query the contract., trying to buy 500USTC worth of mAsset.
“swap”: {
“max_spread”: “0.01”,
“offer_asset”: {
“info”: {
“native_token”: {
“denom”: “uusd”
“amount”: “500000000”
“belief_price”: “170.6125207081083437”
I got a “failed to execute message; message index: 0: Generic error: Native token balance mismatch between the argument and the transferred: execute wasm contract failed: invalid request”
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same…

So can anyone summarize the state of the web ui and contracts?

Since the upgrade I’ve found the terra station browser wallet is busted. Switching to xdefi gets better results

I am able to sell mir on the web ui trade page but mir-ust farm transactions from the farm page seem to just hang. Has anyone had success with this through the contracts directly?

I can still buy everything on BSC and ETH