Mirror based on other stablecoin


I remember in the good old days Mirror was a Multi-chain protocol functioning on Terra and Ethereum blockchains, and probably even on BSC. Is it possible to revive Mirror on Ethereum or BSC or Polygon or Solana or Cosmos or all together basing prices on other stablecoin (BUSD / USDT / DAI /…)?

Please don’t get me wrong, but :

  • The idea behind is brilliant and remains brilliant even in the actual situation with Terra. The true mission to mirror all assets does not actually depend on the blockchain, nor on the base currency.
  • Mirror made birth for multiple derived protocols such as Appollo, Spectrum, Aperture…
  • We still have a strong community well functioning even without a single leader.

What are the prerequisites for such a Mirror revival?


To have enough funds to pay developers / or to find developers who would develop it for free.
No one will allocate funds to project which may have conflict with SEC, especially after what happend on Terra.