Mirror Genesis still smolders, waiting for us to be worthy of yielding it

Mirror Protocol (Henceforth referred to as “Mirror Genesis”) was more than just a Defi application, it was a revolution.

Mirror Genesis challenged the entire stock market ; showing that m-stonks could go up and down in near tendem with the real stonks of Wall Street, but with so much more interest-bearing applications.

But even more important than that, Mirror Genesis brought power to the people. Yet being creatures tormented by vice, we did not control it properly.

We could pool the stonks. We could vote on whether or not we wanted to allow a new mstonk, no matter where in the world it originated. We could transfer the mstonks all over the blockchain with ease.

Mirror Genesis completely showed up traditional exchanges like Robinhood. They became obsolete.

Of course the existing elite got pissed off. Of course they wanted to shut down Mirror Genesis by any means necessary. They are likely the very ones who have been attempting to sabotage it. And while many seem to believe that they have succeeded, I know that Mirror Genesis is still smoldering, because while they can dump the price, they cannot dump it’s spirit.

And that spirit comes from us. All of us, every single one.

No one can erase the past wonders Mirror Genesis brought. Mirror Genesis allowed us something sacred, more important than money, which no Wall Street exchange would ever do: It allowed us to create proposals to drive change. It put the world markets in the pads of our fingertips typing on keyboards and scolling our mouses.

Through proposal creation, we have so much power. We can do anything to this protocol— good or evil.

As Peter Parker said, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’

Perhaps so much power coming so fast became too much for us. We abused it, and that brings a pain which I feel deeply in my heart, and I know that many of you do too. But we are human, we make mistakes. We can learn from them. It will take time but, we must heal, we must forgive ourselves but not forget, so that the future may be even more righteous.

We can push through this pain; We can endure it and become stronger, keener, more cautious with our power.

We can show the world that the revolution Mirror Genesis brought to the world will not fizzle out quietly, but rise up singing, like Aretha Franklin ‘I will survive!’ Still welcoming all to participate in this radical revolution; even foes wishing to extinguish us, who we must also forgive— so that together we can all flourish.

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How romantic :smiley: Be realistic man. No one sabotaged us. We + Mirror team killed it together and now it’s dead

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Who said its dead! Im new here, your missing link. So someone here been causing me problems with mAmzn fucking arsehols. That move slowed everything down. I vote to punish the influencer who broke protocol

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Inspiring post but not entirely true.

Gloria Gaynor sang “I will survive”. But the queen of soul did sing “Chain of Fools”…which should be another name for Terra Classic. Nevertheless i am still actively trading Mirror. Protocol is working well.

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All hope is not lost - mBTC is trading on Solana. Current price is 504.4 SOL (21,714.42 USD). Need proof? Take a look:

Also, here is the mBTC page on Solscan:

Hi guys I’m the number two top holder of mApple mIAU Netflix’s and Twitter…tesla and so on. On Etherium and Binance Smart Chain. I’ve got no idea what I’m really doing. But there alive can also show proof

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TVL is 2 dollars :slight_smile: 24h volume is 1 dollar :slight_smile:

hey that makes it accessible to everyone. LOL

Who’s someone in-charge around here

Everyone and no one :smiley:

Yielding is what exactly?