Mirror on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Anyone knows what happen with Mirror on BSC?
it seems that the links no longer works


All pages for cross-chain transfer is now on https://bridge.terra.money/

so there aren’t any pools in the BSC? Like we have some on ETH network?
I think people would love to see some pools on BSC
and also this will help the protocol to interact more with Binance.
Right now in terms of TVL could be the #10 in the defipulse.com index
why is not listed in Binance yet?

You could find some pools on BSC to invest for on PancakeSwap :slight_smile:

thank you! so not dashboard paga like we have in eth for example
I still love that you have pools in eth, terra and bsc
that’s great

is it still running on shuttle?

Yep, it’s running on Shuttle

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I read that it is ongoing a change there for a more decentralized bridge. I can imagine it will happen under the hood, so the web interface will not change. I would like to know where I can read about this new bridge and next steps there (I know is out of topic: a link is enough :-))


had we mETH from ethereum to terra I think there would be lot of transfer to our chain for example to save in anchor swapping to ust on terra: as well as lot of minting to satisfy demand…

Well you can already interact with Anchor from Ethereum , but with UST.


I know. My point is the following: think about the people with ethereum in cold wallets using defi. Now they can convert at high gas eth in whatever native terra asset with a correspondent ERC-20 token and send to terra. Having a meth as ERC-20 token would mean, minimal gas, sending eth to terra and changing there. It would also put pressure on the meth price with strong incentive for minters.