Mirror protocol would be difficult to take off in the current form

Currently, the premium to the mAsset is ridiculously high. Such situation would essentially kill any motivation for trading. Just look at the petty 85 transactions in the last 24 hours.

Please get rid of the ridiculous premium and let the user trade the mAsset at the oracle price. This way, the user would be able to take advantage of daily price fluctuation better, and soon the trading volume would pick up, and then the protocol could charge a reasonable transaction fees on huge number of transactions.

Without proper change, the Mirror protocol would not be sustainable and will die sooner than you can image.

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How can you “let the user trade at the oracle price”? Obviously that’s the goal but you seem to be implying that Mirror “adds” a premium to mAssets. The premium exists due to supply and demand. You can’t just fix the mAsset price to the oracle price, you need parties on both sides of the bet which creates the premium problem


You could easily use funds from the community pool to perform arbitrage. With such a high premium, it makes totally no sense to make trades. The transaction volume would never pick up.

To perform arbitrage where? The funds can’t be used in the actual stock market.

I’m not saying the premium is good but what you’re proposing isn’t possible