Mirror Protocol's Meme Contest

Hi everyone,

To increase the exposure and awareness of Mirror Protocol, I thought that it is a good idea to organise a meme contest for the DeFi and crypto degens. Please find more details below:

`Rules and Instructions:

  • Create a meaningful and funny meme about Mirror Protocol (photo, video, gif, sticker, etc.)
  • To participate, simply tweet your submissions using #WenMIRMoon #LUNAtics (other suggestions are more than welcome), $MIR and tag @mirror_protocol and @terra_money.
  • The contest will run for 7 days and final results will be released within the next 7 days after the contest ends.
  • There will be 30 winners in total. Please find the breakdown of the prize money below:
    1st: 300 MIR
    2nd: 200 MIR
    3rd: 100 MIR
    4th-30th: 50 MIR each

I have come up with 2 ways to select the winners:

1. We will host an AMA similar session on telegram where 3 members from the TFL along with 4-6 community members being the judges. I will then forward the memes to the group and judges have 30 seconds to vote just by replying +1.

  • Judges have unlimited votes , i.e. they can vote on any memes as long as they think that they are attractive.

  • Winners will be chosen based on the number of votes given to their memes. If we have a scenario where the number of winners exceeds 30 due to having the same number of votes, we will do a second round of voting between them. For example, let’s say 28th-40th has 6 votes, those memes have to go through a second round of voting in order to pick top 3 winners from them (28th,29th and 30th).


  • This method of picking winners is seen as fair because the team and community members understand Mirror Protocol well and they know which memes can deliver the right messages to audiences.


  • It is not easy to find a date and time when all the judges are available
  • If there are >100 submissions, it does not make sense to forward the memes one by one for voting - a lot of time will be wasted here.

Potential solutions:

  • I (and possibly some other community members) can choose 40-60 memes that we think are good enough and pass them for the judges to vote.

2. Twitter is mainly used to pick the winners. So eventually those memes with the most points (likes = 1 point and retweets = 2 points) will be the winners.

  • Top 10 memes with the most points will go through second round of voting in the main Mirror Telegram group to pick the top 3 winners. Voting is opened to everyone in the Mirror Telegram Group.


  • Through this method, participants will be incentivised to ask their followers to like and retweet their memes, which indirectly creates more exposure and awareness for this contest and Mirror Protocol.
  • Compared to method 1, this method will save TFL and community members a lot of time, which is important as we all know they are busy.
  • All community members have the opportunity to participate in the voting process through giving likes and retweets on Twitter as well as participating in an open round of voting to select the top 3 winners.


  • Likes and retweets are easily manipulated on Twitter (I am not sure if the costs of doing that are actually lower than the price money they are going to get)


2500 MIR in total = 1850 MIR for the prize money + 650 MIR for organising this contest.

The cost of organising this contest can be broken down into:

  • Organisation (From planning to sending funds to the winners)
  • Social Media Posting (Planning to find some influencers to participate in this contest)
  • DM / Q&A
  • Judging (Imagine counting likes and retweets for >200 submissions and record them one by one)

I believe I am the first one who submits this kind of proposal hence I have no idea what you guys think a reasonable funding amount should be. By a rough estimation, I am looking to spend 4-5 hours daily over a period of 14-16 days (if you think that I deserve more please let me know as well! I swear I am not in need of some extra MIR but this is just a compensation for my time and efforts spent on this contest).

I know there are a lot more cool features that can be added but I strongly suggest if we can keep our first contest as simple/straightforward as possible.

I am in favour of option 2 to select the winners btw. Please kindly let me know what you guys think :))


The ‘community members’ that I mentioned in option 1 should be chosen from those long-standing community members who have been supporting Terra since the beginning through educating new users about Terra on Twitter and Telegram. I suggest if we can have Nachodon, Sam I am, Barre, CU, Seb, Nicholas Flamel, BigB, Seb, Maarten, Menno, Alpha Seeker, Prrpl Frog, Crypto Wizard or Homeless Bitcoiner to become one of the judges. I am pretty sure there are a lot more contests or events going forward, hence other community members who contribute will definitely stand a chance next time. Those that I picked are the OGs among the community members though :))


book it! :facepunch:

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count me in! :sunglasses:

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I am ready. Time to bring the real me.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. The recommendation of including long standing community members for judgement is also smart.

I would personally prefer option 2 (Although 1 is no bad)

By extension, we can also have something similar for infographics and video contests in future.

Sounds like a good idea to increase the community engagement. I’m in :+1:t3:

Yeah let’s do this, Totally support this

Thanks for your feedback buddies. Would you guys personally prefer option 1 or 2 to select the winners?

@samIam @bullishguy @Chukstheboy @Delirious

Hi AG, thanks for your feedback. Yeah I am personally in favour of option 2 as well as it demonstrates a more decentralised way to select winners as voting process is opened to everyone in the community.

Yeah definitely. Let’s hope this meme contest will bring a huge success and we can have a lot more contests in the near future.

I think it all sounds great and option 2 sounds the best. But if I can be honest I think the costs for organizing the contest are kind of high, at current MIR prices it’s 1150$ for counting a bunch of tweets. Time is the only cost for the organizer as there are no marketing or promotion expenses mentioned. Do you plan to use part of the 650 MIR to pay youtubers and influencers to spread the word? If we don’t post news of this contest somewhere with a lot of traffic we may not get many submissions. I wish we would receive 200 submissions but what if we receive just 10 or 15 submissions total? Do you still pay yourself 650 MIR? I think rewards for the organizer should be linked to the amount of traffic/hype generated, like set a threshold for success. The goal here should be to promote Mirror by generating memes and prompting users to retweet or like the post. How many users do you hope to reach? Just to get an idea on what you would consider a successful campaign.

This would also motivate future initiatives to put real effort in promoting our platform. I don’t want to sound too negative but I think that if we fail to generate enough hype with this contest users may not be so open to vote future proposals that are similar. How do you plan to promote the contest?

Hey buddy, I am confident that we will have at least 100 submissions. I think it was kind of harsh for you to say that the ‘costs are kind of high for counting a bunch of tweets.’ First of all, I took the initiative to organise this meme contest. Secondly, do you know how much work is involved just to organise this meme contest? I can list all of them to here:

  • I spent approx 7-10 hours doing research and came up with this proposal
  • Collaborate with the team and come up with a creative thread that is going to be posted from Terra and Mirror’s Twitter account
  • Constant updating the progress on a daily basis when the contest is running
  • Counting likes and retweets for each and every submission and recording them one by one
  • Arrange an open voting for the community members to vote
  • DM 30 winners and send them their prize money ONE BY ONE. If the winners do not know how to generate Terra address and etc, imagine how much time will be spent here going back and forth on the conversation.
  • Constant answering any queries from DM / Q&A session

I will spend at least 5 hours a day for a period of 14-16 days by doing those stuffs mentioned above (I am pretty sure there are a lot more to be done but I could not foresee them just yet).

I think the correct way to evaluate the amount of grants applied is to measure the impact brought to both Mirror Protocol and Terra. With this meme contest, it will definitely attract a lot of attention from DeFi degens out there.

As I stated clearly above, I’m not in need of any extra money and I believe my time and efforts are definitely worth more than the money that I am receiving for running this contest. If you think you can do better or you dislike the sound of this proposal, feel free to vote a no when it is up on the governance pool.

I think that the benefit would be greater if it runs via Twitter. Because with option 1. everything is only shared again in the telegram group, which “Terra” and “Mirror” is already a term. Even though I don’t have a big reach on Twitter, I think option 2 is the better one.

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Noted with thanks :slight_smile:

It wasn’t my intention to sound harsh or anything but if you posted your idea here I guess you wanted to collect feedback and I just expressed my concerns. It’s not something personal relevant to you or this specific contest. It’s the first time we roll out something like this so we don’t know how it will work. A general concern is: how do we make sure that people do what they propose if they don’t set conditions in the proposals? You have been active in the community and many people know you, but if we set a precedent for you how can we behave differently for other proposals made by strangers?
If I was going to submit a proposal regarding a contest I’m sure you and many other members of the community would want to make sure I put genuine effort in it and don’t run away with the MIR I collect. If there is a contest I think the MIR should be distributed directly to the winners, it’s risky to trust a single user with all the rewards and hope that he will distribute them to others. Again this is not about you but it’s a general concern and if we set a precedent it will be more difficult to do things differently in the future.
I hope your contest goes well and that you will have many submissions. I just think that the proposal would be stronger if you set a goal for the reward rather than leave it open. If you are confident you can get 100 submissions by new users you can mention it.

@locked aka @Nicky_Fung on telegram has been an amazing community member and I’m STOKED that a true early on OG Terra-Luna family member has taken this initiative. I accept this proposal pay out as is and happy to keep money in the family here. Besides this, I trust Nicky will work hard on this initiative and will earn every penny. Let’s give him all our support. AFAIK he’s also not living in a mud hut in the congo - so 500 mir is reasonable expenditure for his time. Let’s book this!

I’m fine with any feedbacks but the way you said it’s just collecting bunch of tweets doesn’t sound right at all — anyways get over it.

You have got a fair point here. However, if we are going to make it difficult for such a little grant on a contest that’s going to make a huge impact on Terra’s social media presence, do you think there’s anyone in the future who will be willing to organise something similar?

Trust me, I am more than happy for the team to send prize money directly to the winners as it’s going to save me a lot of time. But on the other hand, I am the one who organise this contest so it’s my responsibility to get everything done without relying on others.

right, thanks for taking on the responsibilities all yourself… IMO you are ‘vetted’ as an original member of Terra community (i can certainly vouch for you) and while not everyone should be trusted with community funds - i think the time you put into the community helping out etc… more than proves your metal. If by some chance you do burn us, I will personally hire “dog the bounty hunter” and his ginormously large breasted wife to find you.

I would prefer to have Option 2. The risk, you mentioned, is manipulation but still shows that users and participants are committed to promote and share the work they have produced.

Based on the proposal Locked has proposed, the community will decide whether to pass the proposal or not. Based on the proposal, in my opinion, you seem to have put on lots of thoughts behind. I don’t think the organizer’s fee isn’t a big issue considering the amount of hours he has to devote to run this contest. I am overall excited to see the creativity of our community members.