Mirrored Anchor token needed asap

A mirrored Anchor token would allow filling of Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc pools of Eth - mirroredANC as a fairly direct route to swap from Etherium to Anchor (and back), and through Mirror pages those who want to could also deposit mirrored Anchor to Terra Station with less transactions/steps than swapping to mirrored UST, sending, buying ANC. Ya ya, is one less step, that’s 1/3rd less steps though! Also lets people simply hold onto mirrored ANC in their wallets to do with whatever whenever.
I haven’t read through all the docs yet, and I’m willing to create and make a small liquidity pool / provide collateral, but am thinking it is a good idea to have a mirrored Anchor token asset. (I can do 1k USD worth UST to 1k USD worth MIR plus whatever collateral to start a pool - it’ll take days for me to get funds to clear off exchanges and I ain’t rich, all my “spare” crypto and more is already sunk into Luna and Anchor protocols). But if someone else wants to, please do.
Maybe there are already plans in the works to make Anchor available on DEX. If not, we should get on it.
Seeing the mirrored Anchor asset here on Terra’s mAssets pages would go a long way for user confidence that it is a legit token.

there is no need. it is enough to use shuttle directly with ANC exactly like with MIr and UST. It seems that terra dev and management is not interested in offering every asset in ethereum right now. You can propose it.