Mirrored penny stocks anyone?

So I don’t have enough change to start up a proposal so I figured I’d start here.

I’m just curious if anyone is with me on this one? How cool would it be to add some Mirrored pennies! I did noticed that INJ made the move on forex pair (which in my opinion are a bit outdated). But I truly think we can beat everyone to the punch here if we jumped onto some pennies? Buying Tesla & Microsoft are cool & calm but buying some Mirrored pennies, Would that be something!

What do you guys think? Would it be beneficial? I guess overall the true incentive here would be the volatility.

Super interest to hear what everyone think!

My Crayon, :space_invader:

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Not sure I would want to see penny stocks water down MIR incentives for existing in-demand stocks. There are also plenty of low cap alt coins which achieve a similar purpose of gambling on penny stocks. I also see the issue of there being a higher chance of insider trading with regards to penny stock over large caps.

Not to mention the possibility of the price oracle being manipulated. With the current setup I think only larger cap stocks should be added


I think this would really depend on two factors:

  1. What the rest of the community thinks about this: Any asset listed are done through governance.
  2. If there is a reliable source of data to get oracle prices from

If these conditions are met, I think new assets can be listed without a problem, but I also agree with @Uchqi6Lf3KD2fh . I think demand for stocks like TSLA and AMZN are higher, and makes this reasonable to provide LP reward for those assets. But if penny stocks are listed with the same reward distribution as the other assets, then it will just dilute the incentives for other “more popular” pools.

The more stocks we add the more fractured liquidity becomes. For this reason I think we should focus on listing the most popular large cap stocks and ETFs.

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