Mirrored STT, Mine, VKR, etc. (mMIne, mSTT)

LP-staking to participate in StarTerra IDO’s and other protocols (such as Pylon, Valkyrie) comes with the risk of impermanent loss, but also with the risk of a price decrease (which I feel is what many StarTerra-participants fear).

By mirroring such terra-native assets, people with get the option of shorting the asset on Mirror and LP’ing on the other platforms, such as StarTerra. This would bring them the utility of a protected downside (price decrease is covered by the short), in exchange for no upside (price increase is consumed by increase in the value of the borrowed position).

Instead of only focusing on non-native assets, such as ETF’s and Stocks, this would bring benefits to the community and an increased engagement with Mirror.

This is the theory, there are maybe praticalities I haven’t thought of. Would love to hear from you all.

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