Mirroring Total Return Indices

One of the biggest limitation for growth that Mirror faces in my opinion is inability to replicate cash flow payments on mirrored assets (for example dividends, or bond coupon payments).
I made a suggestion on an earlier post on how to achieve this, but it would be quite a change in the underlining infrastructure of Mirror (That said super open to opinions on it!).

An alternative way to get exposure to dividends would be instead to Mirror Total Return Indices. Most ETFs attempt to track an index. For example SPY tracks the S&P500 Index and so on. These indices generally will have a Price Index version and a Total Return version. The Total Return will take into account any cash flow received from the securities in the Index. So for example if you look at the S&P500 total return index it will take into account also all its dividends. This means that it will more accurately represent the return of holding all the stocks in the SP500, and so the return on any ETF that replicates it (such as SPY or VOO).

Whitelisting Total Return Indices would allow people on Mirror to also get exposure to all sorts of Bond Indices, Commodities Spots (Ignoring the effect of Contango, etc.) and so many other asset classes.

I get that we are in really early stages, so whitelisting an Index might be a bit confusing for the type of users that Mirror is attracting now, but I think ultimately it would be of huge interest for Institutional and more sophisticated Investors in the long run.