Missing MIR from KuCoin

I purchased 97.5071 MIR on KuCoin 2-25-21 (Transaction Hash ID:0x3b3b333ae8d9be1b07f129804716014ca087c0977a1d8cb950b3bae1bef2eee2). I log onto Myetherwallet and cannot find MIR tokens.I tried to list MIR on the customer token list with contract ID, MIR and 18 for the digits. I cannot find any MIR in my wallet. I find other ERC20 tokens, just not any MIR. Very confused

So you bought mir on kucoin and withdrew to your ERC 20 wallet? And the withdrawal is missing?

I see you withdrew to 0xf657a7eee0a0eeeba443978e6eda2430f3088eff

Is , 0xf657a7eee0a0eeeba443978e6eda2430f3088eff your wallet?
I see that this wallet was drained of all coins except mir 15 days ago. Maybe you created a new wallet and moved your coins?

Following the transactions from your wallet they lead to this wallet

Maybe you were hacked? Nonetheless the MIR is still in the wallet you originally deposited in. Without more information there is not much we can help with.