MKO's collateral should be increased.

Currently, MKO’s collateral has been lowered to 110%.
What is the result?

Due to excessive short farms, there was a large price difference with the spot price.

This spoils the price tracking function of the mirror.

What do you think?

As the collateral ratio is lowered on more assets, this should even out. Go long mKO and short mSPY now if you want to make a quick profit.

It should be increased. The community is voting for a lot of bad proposals due to a lack of info. One of the goals of the MSC is to come up with a general guideline for collateral based on actual data and not vague guesses.


I agree with the above and personally would think 110% to be too low, especially for any single security

I agree it’s a bit too low for mKO. 120% would probably be more in line with it’s volatility.

mSPY and mIAU are the only assets I would vote to have at 110%